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Black Mulch Film

Width Range: 0.5m–3m
Thickness Range: 0.006mm–0.15mm
Color: transparent, clear, black, ect or according to your requirements.

Clear Plastic Car Cover

Material: PE

Size: 3.5m*6m/3.8m*6.6m/4.8m*7.5m

Color: Transparent in common use, other colors also acceptable

Type: Punching, double stitching, diamond stitching

Clear Plastic Drop Sheet Cloth

American European Standard Size Mildew Proof Clear PE Plastic Drop Sheet Cloth 

Width: 2M – 10M
Thickness: 0.006mm – 0. 10mm
Color: Clear / Milk White / Blue / Green / Orange/As customers’ requirement
Popular Sizes: 4M X 5M, 3.6M X 3.6M, 3.6M X 2.7M, 3.05M X 6.1M, 2M X 3M, 4M X 6M, 6M X 10M

Custom Printed T-Shirt Plastic Bag for Supermarket

*Excellent brightness and transparency
*Easy to open
*Can perfectly meet your requirement by excellent printing
*HDPE perfect leakage-resistance,good barrier

LDPE White-Black Panda Mulch Film

– Light proof and 90% reflective
– Water tight for vapor barriers
– 6 mil thick assures great durability
– Helps prevent molds and algae growth

Mini Garden Greenhouse Film With Framework

Colors/finish: transparent
Materials: Polythene
Quantity: One (1)
Setting: Outdoor
Dimensions: Width 1.25m, Length:6m, Thickness:70mic
Accessories: “ramshorn hook” 6PCS/set

Orchard Reflective Film for Fruit

Width: 20″-120″
Length: 4,000’/roll (Custom lengths are available)
Thickness: 0.6mil-2.5mil (15mic-60mic)

PE Transparent Greenhouse Film

With UV for 2-3 years
Non-dripping film
Anti-fog film
MLLDPE enhancing film

Perforated Mulch Film

a)use agricultural punching plastic film light is shut out, and the growth of the weed is suppressed.

b)agricultural mulch film can keeps the soil moist and warm.

c)it isd)The plant is protected from frost. unnecessary to do the perforation work which is troublesome and needs time.

Plastic Mattress Bag

LDPE Film Matrress Bag for Moving

Common Size:

– Twin: 39″*10″*87″*2 MIL
– Full: 54″*10″*87″*2 MIL
– Queen: 60″*10″*96″*2 MIL
– King: 78″*10″*96″*2 MIL

Red-White Barrier Tape Non-Adhesive

• This tape is made of 100% virgin plastic material
• Perfectly used in construction areas, painting work areas, safety warning scenes and any potentially dangerous areas

• Red and white non-adhesive tape of size 2.8 inches by 660 feet

Reinforced LDPE Agricultural Film

1. To put up plastic shed to form greenhouse
2. To raise and keep the temperature of soil and shed
3. Improve water and nutrient applications
4. Promote biological pest control
5. The add of additives can attain specious effects of protecting crop’ growing environment

Reinforced Thermic PE Greenhouse Film

• With UV for 2-3 years

• Non-dripping film

• Anti-fog film

• MLLDPE enhancing film

Silver Reflective Mylar Film

– A reflective wall covering used in greenhouses and grow rooms;
– Directs unused light back to the growing space;
– An inexpensive way to boost the efficiency of costly grow light systems;
– Durable 2 mil grade;
– Easy to mount;

Yellow Black Printed PE Caution Tape

Warning/Caution/Barrier Tape is widely used in the field of law enforcement, construction, safety, painting, work areas, crime scenes and any potentially dangerous areas.