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Black Mulch Film

Width Range: 0.5m–3m
Thickness Range: 0.006mm–0.15mm
Color: transparent, clear, black, ect or according to your requirements.

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Agriculture plastic mulch film introduction:
At present, mulch film products are widely used in agriculture planting. Not only vegetables, but also crops, fruits, etc.Mulch films are produced in
thickness’ 20-30-40-50 microns for a lifetime of 24months at most,and they are used to cover the prepared soil.
For different purposes, black mulch film, white mulch film, silver mulch film, red mulch film etc. Colors are being used in mulch films. Black
plastic mulch layer are the most preferred ones because of its high performance in weed control.

Product advantage:
– Favourable soil moisture for development of roots and plants
– Light is shut out, and the growth of the weed is suppressed
– It keeps the soil moist and warm. Anti-grass
– The plant is protected from frost.
– Enhancing growth, yield, and quality of horticultural crops
– Prevents soil erosion and run off