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  • easy mask 9 ft. x 400 ft. cling cover plastic sheeting-79400 …

    Easy Mask 9 ft. x 400 ft. Cling Cover Plastic Sheeting-79400 …

    Cling Cover Plastic Sheeting is the perfect self-adhering masking film for all your construction and remodeling jobs. Trimaco’s premium film is treated with a unique formula that not only attracts overspray, but reduces flaking as well.

  • tape and drape 4 ft. pre-taped masking film – the home depot

    Tape and Drape 4 ft. Pre-Taped Masking Film – The Home Depot

    The plastic is extremely thin, I would not use it on the floor, but clings well to walls, allowing you to set it up and tape the far side more easily. The tape is somewhat weak. It rips easily, and doesn't hold as strong as the green painters tape I was using.

  • yescom 43 5/16" x 82' adhesive masking film tape … – amazon.com

    Yescom 43 5/16" x 82' Adhesive Masking Film Tape … – amazon.com

    – High density masking film unfolds and clings to protect surfaces from paint and over spray – Ideal for covering walls, cabinets, furniture and floors when painting to ensure perfect surface protection

  • all-wall.com – paint masking products

    All-Wall.com – Paint Masking Products

    Paint Masking Products,Door Hinge Maskers Masking Film, Masking Machines, Masking Paper, Masking Tape, Staple Guns & Staples

  • masking indoor walls – house painting guide

    Masking Indoor Walls – House Painting Guide

    Use 2-inch masking tape; one inch should be on the plastic sheeting, the other free and sticky. Start by affixing the sheeting to the top of the wall, then attach it at the sides and bottom. A virtually airtight seal is your goal.

  • combination painter’s tape and masking film dispenser

    Combination Painter’s Tape and Masking Film Dispenser

    Simply attach a roll of masking tape and a roll of paper or plastic masking film on the dispenser. Attach one end of the masking tape to the area you want to cover, and roll out the tape and film in one easy step.

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