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  • air-inflated double poly film greenhouse | pro-tect plastics

    Air-Inflated Double Poly Film Greenhouse | Pro-Tect Plastics

    Picture Courtesy of Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC. Air-inflated double 6 mil greenhouse plastic for greenhouses represent around 80% of new greenhouse construction in the United States. There is a multitude of reasons for this. * The double layer greenhouse plastic is porous, meaning both carbon dioxide and oxygen is able to come and go, allowing plants to survive within a tightly sealed structure such as a greenhouse.

  • double layer inflation kits | bootstrap farmer

    Double Layer Inflation Kits | Bootstrap Farmer

    Double layer inflation kits create an insulating layer of air between a double layer of poly plastic. This helps to reduce condensation and conserve the heat inside of the hoop house. The second layer of plastic is installed with lock channel and spring wire.

  • why install a double layer inflation system for your greenhouse

    Why Install a Double Layer Inflation System for your Greenhouse

    If you are looking for a little more functionality to the double layer plastic set-up using 6 mil IRAD (infrared anti-drip)greenhouse plastic will do a lot for reducing the amount of droplets that drip on your plants inside your greenhouse. This type of plastic also has an increased thermicity, which does help retain a little more heat than its standard UVA Clear 6 mil counterpart.

  • clear double layer tube greenhouse film, 6mil

    Clear Double Layer Tube Greenhouse Film, 6mil

    Greenhouse film in a tube format simplifies double poly installations by eliminating the need to drape two separate pieces of film over the structure. High quality, 6 mil thick, commercial grade, 4-year rated, shipped direct from the manufacturer. A variety of standard sizes are available in the drop-down box above.

  • air inflation blower kit for double-layer greenhouse

    Air Inflation Blower Kit For Double-layer Greenhouse

    Most plastic film houses employ a double layer of film separated by air space. This greenhouse air inflation blower kit lets you pump air in between layers of poly greenhouse material. This provides added insulation to the greenhouse and prevents excessive condensation from forming. This system uses inside air which is generally warmer and helps to keep colder air at bay slightly better than using outside air.

  • greenhouse polyethylene film – farmtek

    Greenhouse Polyethylene Film – FarmTek

    Our SunMaster's Greenhouse films, also known as agricultural plastic, poly-film and greenhouse plastic, are ideal for your single and double layer greenhouse applications. Outfit a new cold frame or upgrade the existing, worn out film on your greenhouse, cold frame or hoop house. We offer a variety of greenhouse film styles including 1 year film, 4 year film, white film, silage film and anti-condensate film and more.

  • greenhouse film |reinforced greenhouse polyfilm| advance …

    Greenhouse Film |Reinforced Greenhouse Polyfilm| Advance …

    Greenhouse Film is the most economical way to cover your greenhouse. This greenhouse film has a UV protection that is warranted to last 4 years. It is 6 mil thick. If you have ever used a greenhouse film without UV protection, the difference will become evident to you within the first year. Greenhouse film that does not have the UV protection will get yellow and brittle, many times within the first season of use.

  • poly inflation fan kit |double polyfilm greenhouse| advance …

    Poly Inflation Fan Kit |Double Polyfilm Greenhouse| Advance …

    But, with a single layer polyfilm greenhouse, you may find that there is not enough insulation and that the heating costs are too high. A double layer of inflated polyfilm will save you up to 40% in heating costs! This is a very economical way of raising the insulation factor for a film greenhouse, while not interfering with the light transmission.

  • double polyfilm greenhouse – advance greenhouses

    Double Polyfilm Greenhouse – Advance Greenhouses

    Ventialtion Package is Included with double polyfilm greenhouse This greenhouse comes with 1 – 18″ 1/4 HP Quite Aire Industrial Exhaust Fan, 2 – 24″ motorized shutters, and a 2 stage thermostat. Inflation Kit is Included with double polyfilm greenhouse This greenhouse comes with the double layer 6mil polyfilm with the inflation system.

  • greenhouse inflation blower fans with mount brackets and cords

    Greenhouse Inflation Blower Fans With Mount Brackets and Cords

    Inflation Blower Fans pull air from the interior of your structure, and push that air through the first layer of plastic, and into the space between your first layer and second layer of greenhouse plastic. This creates an inflated space (3" to 9") between your first and second layer of greenhouse plastic.

  • polyfilm greenhouses | single or double film | advance …

    Polyfilm Greenhouses | Single or Double Film | Advance …

    The double film greenhouse comes with the inflation kit included. This will inflate the double polyfilm, adding a layer of air between the two layers for better insulation. It also comes priced with a heater and ventilation package. The single layer polyfilm greenhouse has an optional roll up curtain.

  • greenhouse films – growers supply

    Greenhouse Films – Growers Supply

    Outfit a new cold frame or upgrade your existing worn out film on your greenhouse with polyethylene film from Growers Supply. This film is a thick, flexible material that comes in sheets of various thicknesses (measured in mils), which can be used in single or double layers, depending on your insulation needs.

  • greenhouse plastic installation tips

    Greenhouse Plastic Installation Tips

    model (Dwyer Instruments at 219-879-8000). Installing an air deflector where the inflation tube is mounted to the film, will keep air from drying out the outer film layer. Air inflation of double layer greenhouses structures should continue year round, including during non growing periods. Keeping the film inflated will prevent film damage due to mechanical abrasion. Avoid over inflation which stretches film on hot days.

  • properly inflated with outside air?

    Properly Inflated with Outside Air?

    It is no surprise that air inside a greenhouse is warm and moist compared to outside air which is colder and less humid. When the green- house air is used to inflate the two layer of double-poly, con- densation occurs in between the layers (Figure 3) and re- duces light transmission and eventually water accumulates (Figure 4).

  • poly greenhouse inflation controller system

    Poly Greenhouse Inflation Controller System

    Properly regulating the air pressure of inflated greenhouse film helps to save energy and optimize the insulating factor provided by double layer greenhouse film. This controller can be operated in both manual and automatic mode, which constantly regulates the air pressure depending on temperature and wind gusts.

  • double layer film inflation system – greenhouse film & wiggle …

    Double Layer Film Inflation System – Greenhouse film & wiggle …

    from China Suppliers, you can buy quality Double Layer Film Inflation System from Beijing Fenglong Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd..

  • amazon.com: greenhouse inflation blower

    Amazon.com: greenhouse inflation blower

    Amazon's Choice for greenhouse inflation blower Round Permanent Split Capacitor 3.3 Inch Blower | Replaces Dayton 1TDN7, 1C180, 4C440 & Replaces Fasco 50747-D401, 71213466 4.5 out of 5 stars 77

  • jumper hose – for air inflation system

    Jumper Hose – For Air Inflation System

    Air Inflation Jumper Hose – 24" Long. Works alongside an inflation blower fan to evenly distribute the layer of air-space between the first and second layer of plastic on your hoop house, high tunnel, or greenhouse. The jumper hose should be installed at the peak of the structure after the first layer of plastic has been installed.

  • poly inflation fan kit | gothic arch greenhouses

    Poly Inflation Fan Kit | Gothic Arch Greenhouses

    Poly Inflation Fan Kit . Our pre-assembled roof inflation kit creates an insulating dead air space between a double layer poly roof forinflation kits greaterenergy efficiency and visual appeal. Gives you that nice tight, even poly look. Includes blower, heavy-duty mounting bracket, flex tube and air-transfer gaskets

  • greenhouse films – teksupply

    Greenhouse Films – TekSupply

    Greenhouse Films Our SunMaster's Greenhouse films, also known as agricultural plastic, poly-film and greenhouse plastic, are ideal for your single and double layer greenhouse applications. Outfit a new cold frame or upgrade the existing, worn out film on your greenhouse, cold frame or hoop house.

  • 6 sure-fire tips for getting the most out of your greenhouse …

    6 Sure-Fire Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Greenhouse …

    Space Out Your Layers A good rule of thumb for air inflation levels in double layer installations is to have 4 to 8 inches of air space between the layers. The only way to really know if you have the correct air pressure is to use a manometer. Air pressure between the two layers should be.2 to.45 inches (0.5 to 1 cm) on cold windy days.

  • recommended practices concerning film greenhouse covering

    Recommended Practices Concerning Film Greenhouse Covering

    Use outside air to inflate between the layers of film in a double layer house. If inside air is used: Place the air inlet to the blower in the upper portion of the house. This will help prevent pesticide-laden air from being drawn into the blower.

  • greenhouse film, greenhouse covering, greenhouse repair …

    Greenhouse Film, Greenhouse Covering, Greenhouse Repair …

    Greenhouse Polyethylene Film Our SunMaster's Greenhouse films, also known as agricultural plastic, poly-film and greenhouse plastic, are ideal for your single and double layer greenhouse applications. Outfit a new cold frame or upgrade the existing, worn out film on your greenhouse, cold frame or hoop house.

  • plastic film: durable polyethylene | greenhouse megastore

    Plastic Film: Durable Polyethylene | Greenhouse Megastore

    Plastic film is a perfect, affordable solution to enclosing any structure. Greenhouse Megastore offers many sizes, including custom cuts, so browse today! For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

  • 110094 air inflation system arme – farmtek

    110094 Air Inflation System arme – FarmTek

    STEP 4: To protect greenhouse film, cover Tek screws and bracket edges using customer-supplied repair tape or heavy-duty duct tape. STEP 5: From inside the greenhouse, cut a small “X” in the inside or first layer of cover film using a utility knife. Use the blower bracket as a guide. Do not cut outside bracket.

  • frequently asked questions – using film plastic – hightunnels.org

    Frequently Asked Questions – Using Film Plastic – HighTunnels.org

    Jun 12, 2013 · A double layer of plastic will significantly increase your average daily temperature. This may be of particular importance if you plan to grow or harvest vegetables during late fall and winter. An inflation fan will be needed to blow air into the area between the two layers.

  • how to replace a greenhouse film | home guides | sf gate

    How to Replace a Greenhouse Film | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Most greenhouses have a double layer of poly with an air space between for insulation and both layers are generally replaced at the same time. It is best to have four people work together to cover …

  • gk greenhouses – providing quality greenhouses and …

    GK Greenhouses – Providing Quality Greenhouses and …

    GK’s new The Sled Series model greenhouse was made for the homeowner or small farm market. It is structured with high quality materials at a very low cost. The 10’ x 12’ all steel greenhouse frame includes the poly-film, base and wiggle-wire for a complete package. Soon coming to GK Machine Inc.! (Picture of a Hoop House)

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