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  • heat shrink film | 10 mil poly sheeting – mr. shrinkwrap

    Heat Shrink Film | 10 Mil Poly Sheeting – Mr. Shrinkwrap

    As with our other shrink wrap offerings, our 10 mil shrink wrap is also made of 100% virgin resin with 12 month UVI protection. 10 mil shrink wrap is primarily used for heavy duty or industrial applications. 10 mil shrink wrap is a suitable millage for wrapping objects that will be transported.

  • shrink wrap 9, 10, 12 mil – eagle industries

    Shrink Wrap 9, 10, 12 MIL – Eagle Industries

    Eagle Heat Shrink Wrap is a premium grade polyethylene film formulated to shrink and conform to any structure when direct heat is applied. Shrink Wrap 9, 10, 12 mil is most commonly used as scaffolding enclosure wrap, abatement covers, marine containment, boat wrap, transportation wrap, and packaging/storage wrap.

  • marine/industrial shrink film roll – 10 mil, 20' x 100 …

    Marine/Industrial Shrink Film Roll – 10 Mil, 20' x 100 …

    Recommended for renovations and protecting cargo in transit. 10 mil film is waterproof, puncture and tear proof. UVI additive protects from sun's rays up to 9 months. For use with Heavy Duty Heat Guns.

  • shrink wrap plastics for marine, industrial, and more

    Shrink Wrap Plastics for Marine, Industrial, and More

    Shrink Wrap Film Shrink wrap is used for a variety of residential, marine, and industrial applications to ensure the integrity of your items during transportation, construction, indoor/outdoor storage, damage restoration, and more.

  • 20' x 100' shrink wrap 10 mil roll – bigshrink.com: shrink …

    20' x 100' Shrink Wrap 10 mil Roll – BigShrink.com: Shrink …

    Shrink wrap can burn. If heat is applied incorrectly shrink wrap can ignite into open flame. It can also drop down onto other combustible material and cause secondary ignition and fire.

  • industrial shrink film | roll of shrink wrap | pro-tect

    Industrial Shrink Film | Roll of Shrink Wrap | Pro-Tect

    The 9 and 10 mil Pro-Wrap industrial shrink film is most commonly used for large equipment, weatherization projects, and transport. Pro-Tect's Pro-Wrap is used extensively for construction project weatherization, painting and special coatings operations.

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